Doctor Veklich - Serious Warning !!!

Doctor Veklich = Master of lies !

If You consider having bowed legs correction at Ladisten clinic You must know the absolute truth about this clinic and the Doctor who runs it. If this topic is of any intrest to You I advise You to read all segments of this web page and by doing so , be sure You'll earn your future well being. If You have further questions Dont hestiate to contact me at

Doing a search in google regarding bowed legs correction will lead You directly to "Ladisten" clinic at Ukraine publishments which are all over the place , This small clinic is owned by Doctor Vitaliy Veklich which also executes all the surgeries , This Doctor if You pay him could make your legs "Straight" but far from being perfectly straight , By not doing 100% correction of one's leg and by using obsolete method of work this doctor can actually manifest secondary deformities and major orthopedic problems that could lead to disastrous results and serious damages. If You consider bowed legs correction procedure You should know that there are much better and much safer alternatives than the one that Doctor Veklich offers by aggressive publishments all over the internet - Due to my terrible experience with The man which is responsible of Ladisten clinic internet publications is Pavel Korsun the administrative manager and primary promoter of Doctor Veklich services. He will politically correct draw for all potential patients the false "ideal" picture that "Ladisten" clinic posses the "best" solution for bowed legs correction procedure among others(Leg Lengthening etc...) while actual truth is that western doctors are appalled from Doctor Veklich obsolete methods of work and primitive apparatus which he uses on patients legs.
This web page purpose is to open your mind to the risks and possible consequences of correcting bowed legs deformations at "Ladisten" Clinic in Ukraine !
My life dream fixing my severe bowed legs turned into a long nightmare after being operated by the "good hands" of Doctor Vitaliy Veklich .
A greedy reckless and careless doctor that is using a very primitive apparatus that might fix one deformity but at the same time manifest many other problems !
You must understand that the pictures You see in Doctor Veklich website cannot refelct the actual results at least one year post surgery.
Most of the patients before and after pics belongs to Ukraine patients that cannot share their experience with You , Try to ask Ladisten marketers for the contacts of specific patients You see on the patients pictures page on their website, for the majority of patients They will find the best excuse why They cannot give You their contacts . Once They agree to give You contacts of Ladisten patients try to verify that those patients are real people and not faked ones by Ladisten - You should talk to these people via phone and verify that they are real patients from another country , when contacting a former Ladisten patient via email - ask him to talk on the phone and verify He isnt Ladisten marketer faking an "happy" patient. Pavel Korsun and Victoria Veklich(Dr Veklich daughter) are smart manipulative Marketers and will give You only the contacts that they verified as trusted - They will not give You contacts of patients that had a misfortunate experience like I did or patients which not satisfied from results of Dr Veklich surgeries done at Ladisten clinic . I recommend all who read this to email your questions to an Ilizarov experts with world wide reputation in the field of bone deformity corrections & legs lenghtening , ask them about Doctor Veklich reputation , methods and rate of success etc...You can find real Ilizarov experts in the A.S.A.M.I official website at:
I wonder why Doctor Veklich isnt listed there ...
If my story is of any interest or concern to you I recommend you to read it carefully at my official web site at :
If you want to believe in something there will always be someone there that will "help" you to believe .
Being naive and make yourself blind to the true facts wont help you when you'll fall in the wrong doctor hands !
For general debate about this awful doctor and his primitive methods you can join and ask questions at :,3092.0.html
Letting this doctor operating on your legs could cost you dearly so take some time to read carefully my experience with this clinic in Ukraine and also read some other patients experience , that their legs were barbarically manipulated by this reckless doctor at

Looking for shortcuts in medical procedures ? Think twice it could cost You dearly !

Dr Veklich Toys - Deployment of a primitive device on patiens legs could lead to disastrous results !

Those frames above were attached to my legs by Dr Veklich and by lacking the appropriate mechanism these primitive fixators can lead to various of disorders . Dr veklich wont use any method of control and dont have the minimal equipment in order to take an "AXIS" xray in order to check accuracy of his corrections post surgery , Doctor Veklich correct legs deformity with his eyesight alone !!!
Slow correction when done too fast(Because the "good" Dr is in a hurry to leave for vacations) can lead to nerves , blood vessals and bad axis damages as accurred in my case .
When correcting a big deformity in only one axis there is a risk of manifesting secondary deformations like external or internal rotation of the tibia , If Youll take a good look at Dr veklich patients page You'll see that in most of his patients pics post surgery the Knee and the foot arn't aligned like they should if A proper accurate correction was the case ...
Correction of bone deformity isnt a joy ride and risking yourself with a 2nd round of ilizarov torture isnt something you'll want to risk yourself with .Stay on the safe side and take your time to learn and understand exactly what You getting yourself into by choosing Ladisten clinic at Ukraine. I advice anyone who consider Dr Veklich services to read all sections in my blog carefully and learn from my lesson.

Read My story carfully !

Ladisten Clinic - Have all the info on this clinic before visiting there !

If Gavriel A. Ilizarov: "the magician from Kurgan" would have known about the modifications Doctor Veklich done to his magnificent frames he would have probably roll in his grave . Doctor Veklich tend to lie in order to make it easier for him to convince a potential patient that he is doing the right thing . Doctor Veklich does not take measurements of legs nor take steps of control in order to make sure the correction is accurate and done in a responsible way , his methods are obsolete and by implementing them on patients legs in some cases he can manifest much more harm than good ! A reckless irresponsible doctor could change your life to a nightmare ...i live this nightmare today thanks to the "good" hands of Doctor Veklich. Money is the only thing on Doctor Veklich mind ...he spends his time in vacations much more than in the operating room.
Ilizarov-Veklich apparatus is a downgrade of the classic ilizarov . Classic Ilizarov technology is implemented today in almost every country, so I strongly advice you to have this procedure done in your own country or in a developed western country and not in a third world country like Ukraine.
I stayed at the clinic for 5 days after doctor veklich left and at that time I had no one at the clinic to help me because Doctor veklich Keeps all his cards for himself no other doctor at "Ladisten" clinic except Doctor Veklich can make a correction/adjustments for you so if Doctor Veklich isn't available you can find yourself in an awful situation .
The truth is under your nose but in general it still a hard decision to make .
If you still choose to do it there just make sure to have the best medical insurance

Horrific stories that accured in Ladisten clinic

There is no smoke without fire !

I am not the only one that his life got ruined by Doctor Vitaliy Veklich malpractice and obsolete methods of work .
2 Americans who visit Ladisten clinic in 2004 got major damages due to carelessness and arrogant attitude of this doctor.
There were also two Ukraine ex-patients of Doctor Veklich which also contacted me and told me a similar stories .
After You'll wake up from operation with two broken legs You'll be left in the hands of a doctor which is not what He pretends to be !!!
Doctor Veklich Sure that he is always right - he will not double check you nor take your coplaints seriously ...this is not the doctor you want to put his knife upon your legs, and if from any reason things will go wrong you sure dont want to be in that place with this doctor in charge on your future well being.

PRESS HERE -> U.S.A patients stories - also payed dearly for going under the "good" doctor hands !
I suggest that anyone who consider having legs correction surgery at Ladisten clinic to read this web page and make a correlation with my story , very easy to find a resemblance .
Don't let Ladisten representors sell you lies and mislead you , Do this surgery in your own country , stay on the safe side and prevent yourself from unnecessary risks

Ladisten Representors - The ultimate liars !

Lies do sell and money is the name of the game !

While searching the net about info regarding Bowed legs , Knocked Knees.
Leg lengthening procedures you will probably easily find the web site of Doctor Veklich . The Dream of having two healthy straight or longer legs could cost you dearly because Ladisten clinic representors (Pavel Korsun, the guy in the picture & Victoria Veklich - Dr Veklich Daugther) will try to draw for you the prefect picture about a minimal invasive ultra safe surgery that in the end will make your dream of healthy legs come true with minimal suffering and pain ...They wont reveal and will try to deny the horrific stories behind this Orthopedic Clinic in Ukraine. Ladisten representors are Doctor Veklich employees and family members and are actulay selling their boss/ Father medical services , they are prejudged and will say and do just anything to get you as a potential client of the "good" doctor and of course in the standards of Ukraine we are talking a bout a huge amount of money !

Ladisten Representors will tell you Exactly what you "want" to hear even if it is not the Whole truth, so don't be naive !
First and foremost aim of ladisten representors is to exploit the potential patient concerns and fears in order to sell him the exact story he wants to hear...About "the easy way out in a minimally invasive procedure,minimal scarring...Bla Bla Bla
Most people that will check Dr Veklich Solutions are in great fear of the Classic Ilizarov frames and searching for a "less scary" alternative.
In this case Ladisten representors will just do and say anything to make patients feel safe enough to come all the way to Ukraine, pay a huge amount of cash money and to be operated by Dr Veklich which his reputation valid only in the Ukraine. The apparatus Dr Veklich Use is called ilizarov-veklich and Ladisten clinic is the only place in the world using this device which is no more then a primitive downgrade of the classic ilizarov/Taylor spatial frame fixators. Ilizarov -Veklich apparatus in most cases will never achieve 100% correction and by not correcting a deformity 100% patient is taking a very big risk to suffer from additional new deformations .
I was always quite intimidated from this surgery even though that at age 16 a doctor told me there wouldn't be any other option so i should prepare myself to this when i grow older...and time did pass and the pains did came and an year a go I just didn't have any choice other than decide where and when to do it . Because I looked for the safest least invasive method I found doctor Veklich solution very promising and the fact is that doctor Veklich use a small semi ring appatus and prefer to use more screws than pins .
BUT at that time i didn't know that the price of this less "scary" smaller apparatus is the fact he cannot fix 3D rotation and in some cases can even manifest one.This apparatus cannot achieve fine tunning of deformity ,exposing patients to a vast variety of problems to solve :(
Doctor Veklich took advantage of my sensitive situation in order to sell me lies, he knew that his apparatus isn't suitable to my deformation but he still told me that every thing will be perfect...i was too naive and desperate to comprehend to what exactly i am going to get myself into and of course i wanted my dream of 2 straight healthy painless legs to come true so i really was blind to see that I am on a collision course.
This greedy doctor recklessness and carelessness and his primitive apparatus & methods of work was a very bad combination for my state.
The bottom line is that I was left half crippled with no quality of life because of Doctor Veklich Malpractice !

Choose your surgeon wisely

Falling into the wrong doctor hands could lead to major damages !

Doctor Veklich reputation is only valid in Ukraine , Former soviet union and still a developing country .
90% of Ukraine citizens doesn't speak a word in english that includes Doctor Veklich !
The operating room in ladisten clinic is old fashioned like the operating rooms that were used in the 50's in my country .
Ladisten clinic will not be held for you if something go wrong so you must have the best medical insurance if you decide to be operated there. If i had been given the chance to go back in time under any circumstances ...I would have never done this procedure there ...I learned in the hard painfull frustrating way that only pure logic should guide you when due to have this kind of surgery that must be accurate in 100% and slow correction of deformity must be done with extra attention - when bone consolidation phase starts there is no going back and the results good or bad are permanent !
In addition to what I have mentioned ...People must understand that Correction of bone deformities must be done In 3D axis
Unfurtunatly the ilizarov-Veklich device can handle only 1D deformities and cannot fix rotation of the tibia !
The most fundamental basis of slow correction of deformities is to align the legs by rotating them to the right angle ...Doctor Veklich doesn't do it , and by that he actually cannot achieve 100% correction which leaves the patient with new problems to deal with like misalignment of the tibia bones ,Asymmetrical legs, external /internal rotation of the foot, limb length discrepancy and so on.

Take your time and collect all the information you can

Being blind to the true facts can turn you life up side down !

After reading all the info at "ladisten" clinic official websites and of course talking and corresponding with Ladisten representors (Pavel Korsun/Victoria Veklich or what so ever) , Do not let their sweet talking influence your reasonable decisions, Doctor Veklich apparatus maybe look less scary but it is also a primitive downgrade of the classic ilizarov apparatus and will not give you 100% accurate results and in some cases will manifest new problems for you to solve :(
Doctor Veklich methods are primitive , after slow correction is finished he will try to convince you to replace the initial semi ring apparatus to the triangle one that he is using for better and more convenient recovery , This is something that only Doctor veklich allowing himself to preform, Replacing an apparatus on a broken leg is a very risky procedure that no other doctor implements , and a very painful unnecessary ordeal for the patient !
Afterrmath :
Only pure logic should guide in choosing the method and surgeon for this task ! this surgery is dangerous enough so don't take any unnecessary risks.
Pavel will give you e-mail addresses of people that had the surgery in Ladisten clinic , Don't forget for a moment that on every "success" story that Ladisten representor will refer you to there are many personal disasters that Doctor Veklich manifested for his patients , Doctor Veklich will not take responsibility on his failures so you will not see those failures in patient web page in his website nor hear about them in any way because some of them are Ukrainians and 90% of Ukraine people don't not speak nor write English !
Because of my personal disaster with this horrible Doctor I decided to take a mission on myself to bring the Truth to the light
so any one who consider an "adventure" at "ladisten" clinic will think twice !
Take your time, don't rush making a reckless decision before having all the facts at your grasp !!!
Read my Full personal experience at ladisten clinic at the following web site

PRESS HERE -> to read my full experience at my stay in "Ladisten" clinic
Dont hesitate for a moment if you want to E-mail me /talk to me in skype and ask me any question on your mind regarding Ladisten clinic
or in general regarding Leg correction surgery issues .
Don't forget for a moment that ladisten representors are prejudged and all they want from you in the end of the day is your money !
If you have questions - Just ask !
My email address :


Knowledge is power !

When taking a decision regarding limb axis correction I advise you to take your time to collect all the information you need in order to make the right decision , choosing the right doctor and best method for your case.
The evolution of the classic ilizarov apparatus lead to the developments of the most advanced techniques giving patient the chance to correct their limb deformations in the most accurate procedure available to western orthopedic surgeons.
TSF - Taylor Spatial Frame
Smart Correction frame - based on the TSF technology but with enhancements.
Here are some useful link that could enlighten you regarding the Methods & doctors which deploy them :
I will do my best to improve this section over time . -> Doctor Dror Paley official web site -> Doctor Robert Rozbruch web site -> Doctor William D.Terrell web site -> Deformity correction medical center in Florida -> International Ilizarov medical center at Kurgan Russia -> Take note that Doctor Veklich isn't listed there ! -> General forum to ilizarov patients -> Excellent TSF/ILIZAROV patients forum -> Read about TSF apparatus - > Learn about TSF mechanism -> Smart correction developer page -> Bone fixators distributor -> Internal fixation Method.

Except the target I set myself to expose the truth about Ladisten clinic , I have set another goal to myself , to be available to anyone who had a dilemma regarding surgical procedures for bone deformity correction if from medical or aesthetic reasons , I corresponded with pre / post surgery patients from all over the globe and I will always be happy to share my knowledge , personal experience & information regarding experts and methods in the field of Bone alignment correction.